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2016普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(浙江卷)英 语试题及答案百度网盘下载

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英 语





1. --Are you sure you're ready for the best?

  --_________. I'm well prepared for it.

A. I'm afraid not       B. No problem       C. Hard to say      D. Not really

2.______prize for the winner of the competition is ______two-week holiday in Paris.

A. The ; 不填      B. A ; 不填     C. A ; the      D. The ; a

3. In many ways , the education system in the US is not very different from ____in the UK.

A. that             B. this          C. one              D. it

4. It is important to pay your electricity bill on time , as late payments may affect your ______.

A. condition         B. income           C. credit            D. status

5._______online shopping has changed our life , not all of its effects have been positive.

A. Since           B. After           C. While           D. Unless

6.That young man is honest , cooperative , always there when you need his help .______, he's reliable.

A. Or else       B. In short         C. By the way          D. For one thing

7. The study suggests that the cultures we grow up _______influence the basic processes by which we see world around us.

A. on         B. in           C. at           D. about

8. We can achieve a lot when we learn to let our differences unite , rather than _______ us.

A. divide       B. reject         C. control           D. abandon

9. Silk ______ one of the primary goods traded along the Silk Road by about 100 BC.

A. had become        B. reject           C. control           D. abandon

10.To return to the problem of water pollution , I'd like you to look at a study _______ in Australia in 2012.         

A. having conducted        B. to be conducted         C. conducting          D. conducted

11. Scientists have advanced many theories about why human beings cry tears , none of ______ has been proved.

A. whom       B. which         C. what         D. that

12.When their children lived far away from them , these old people felt ______from the world.

A. carried away       B. broken down         C. cut off         D. brought up

13. A sudden stop can be a very  frightening experience , ______ if you are travelling at high speed.

A. eventually         B. strangely         C. merely           D. especially

14. When the time came to make the final decision for a course , I decided to apply for the one that ______my interest.

A. limited        B. reserved         C. reflected          D. spoiled

15. Had the governments and scientists not worked together , AIDS-related deaths _______ since their highest in 2005.

A. had not fallen         B. would not fall          C. did not fall           D. would not have fallen






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